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Candles by Treasures
(A Division of Treasures of the Bay, LLC)
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Candles by Treasures offers you Our Customers a Hand Poured, All Natural Soy Candles. Our Candles are made of Soy and Premium Skin Safe & Non Allergenic   Fragrance Oils. Because they are made of Pure Soy, it allows our candles to serve a dual propose. One being its a environmentally safe candle and second its a all natural  Moisturizer for you skin. With its lower burning temperature, it allows you to dip your fingers into the melted oils and rub it on your hands, feet, elbows or just about anywhere you would like it. Every candle we make is hand poured to insure Quality, Performance & Hand Blended Fragrances. We do NOT use any dyes or colorants in our candles. We prefer the all natural look about them. Our Packaging is made up of recycled paper boxes, as well as our glassware is all recycled glass.

  About Our Candles:
  • Our Candles are 100% Soy
  • 12% Fragrance Oil
  • Longer burning time
  • All Natural,  Safe & Toxin free
  • Skin Safe & Non Allergenic Fragrances
  • Clean Burning Candles (No Soot)
  • Large selection of Fragrances to Choose from
  • Several Styles to choose from
  • Ask about Our Fundraiser Packages

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Soy Facts

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Our hand poured soy candles have a fragrance that fills the room when burned and is impressive for its long lasting scent.  The candle is made with 100% natural soy and burns clean.  Consumers love our soy candles because they donít emit toxins. In addition, soy candles are renewable and eco-friendly.  The candleís wick is lead free.

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